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A short reflection on my latest artwork titled ‘Calling’. Released on Exchange Art and now open to offers.

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Sourcing visual properties from an outtake from my most recent series, Calling revisits my approach with intuitive digital mixer brush explorations seen throughout Fragmented Expressions and more similarly in separate works like Brain Dump.

Confined Conditions Outtake
Brain Dump

Starting on the outer edges, smaller and smaller strokes were progressively added – diving inwards. I had a constant feeling of being invited deeper into the work and the process, excited by the unknown. A process of complete flow that both in creation and reflection felt like the blissful yet vulnerable moments of connection while entering psychedelic experiences or being lost in nature.

During the time of creation different studies were explored quite rapidly, before falling deep into this piece which felt like a final total outpour of myself and recent experiences. Most notably a lovely visit to hang out with Sleepr for a few days toward the end of last year where we discussed all things life and artistry for hours on end.

The act of letting go, while feeling in control is a magical part of creation, and I love re-losing myself by staring into this piece when put up on a larger monitor. I hope those viewing are able to do the same. Much love.


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